Sunday, August 22, 2010


Brother in law went to play golf with his friend today... and he dropped me at 朱家角.... 

The first thing I accomplished after I arrived at the front entrance... I made a great entrance...  I took a really ugly fall and got this not so nice booboo...

Then I got up and kept on going.... 8-O lol 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free Internet Access

On my way to Shanghai from Seoul through Incheon airport... free internet acess---

Monday, August 16, 2010

国立民俗博物馆 (National folk museum of Koren)

Sitting down for the first time since I don't know how long ago... free internet acess at the Media Room of 国立民俗博物馆 (National folk museum of Koren)...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Second Day in Seoul

Found free internet access at the tourist information center by 仁寺洞(인사동)

On my way to walk to 景福宮 (경복궁)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

漢城 is 首爾? 8-O lol

I have been looking up info about 首爾 (Seoul) for the past week or so...

Last night, this name came to my mind... 漢城...


How come I don't see the city 漢城 in the official tourism website of Korea?

I wonder how far 漢城 is since it seemed to be the only Korean city I was aware of when I was growing up...

So I decided to google the word "漢城"....

漢城 is 首爾... Seoul is Seoul? 8-O lol

Stupid does... stupid does... apparently, the name has been changed since 2005.... 8-O lol

京畿道 水原市 Suwon

Don't know whether I would be able to make it... 水原華城[UNESCO世界文化遺產] 수원 화성

수원 화성 [유네스코 세계문화유산]

Another day trip maybe?

So they say... subway is the cheapest way to get to 水原市 from Seoul...

仁川 Incheon

仁川 Seems to be a big sea port...

Maybe I will check it out....

What is to see in 仁川...

仁川大橋 (인천대교)

仁川大橋 (인천대교)

Or maybe...

getting onto one of them little islands... such as 席毛島


I think I will to ask Korean...

首爾 Seoul

I think I might go checking out these two palaces or one of them... 景福宮 (경복궁) or 昌德宮


Maybe take a little walk here... 仁寺洞(인사동)


Checking out some old buildings maybe.... 南山谷韓屋村


In addition, if weather and time permits, maybe I will take a walk along 清溪川

With suggested route: 路線1: 清溪川廣場~五間水橋 2.7km,
路線2: 古山子橋~五間水橋2.6km,

Should be enough for a day trip or two right?


3號隧道入口↔ 南山纜車間,供遊客免費使用

        首爾市的傾斜型透明電梯 -“南山翱樂美”(登南山的意思)。該電梯往返於南山3號隧道竣工紀念塔廣場和纜車乘車區。該傾斜電梯的外壁由透明的玻璃制成,可從電梯內部俯視整個首爾市。並且,從明洞站與會賢洞等地,也可以很方便地前往N首爾塔遊覽。



  • 4號線明洞站(4號出口)→ 盤浦路(往3號隧道方向前往)→ 南山傾斜型透明電梯"翱樂美"→ 纜車(大約590米高, 約需12分鐘)
    ※ 明洞站(1號出口) → 小波路 → 比搭乘纜車(大約1,200米高, 約需22分鐘)時,可以縮短10分鐘
  • 4號線會賢站(1號出口)→ 會賢地下購物中心(6號出口)→ 盤浦路(往3號隧道方向前往 → 南山傾斜型透明電梯"翱樂美"→ 纜車(大約790米高, 約需15分鐘)
  • 公共汽車交通路線
    - 前往市政府的方向 : 在盤浦路“南山3號隧道停車站”下車 → 南山傾斜型透明電梯"翱樂美" (大約180米高)
    - 前往江南的方向 : 在盤浦路“南山3號隧道停車站”下車 → 利用地下車到前往 → 南山傾斜型透明電梯"翱樂美" (大約210米高) ※ 路線 : 幹線公共汽車143, 401, 406, 505, 社區公共汽車7013(A, B)