Monday, June 13, 2011

Hot Epsom salt bath without drying out?

Back to keep my friend with a broken foot company and also have the chance to take a nice hot bath...

It was not until when I was drafting the posting about Epsom salt did it occur to me that...

Oops... apparently, commonsense doesn't recommend hot Epsom salt bath....

Yet, I have heard of the use of hat pad and hot bath to relief pain.  Haven't heard people recommending lukewarm bath in my life-- not to mention that, based on my personal experiences, lukewarm bath is not as effective in pain alleviation and muscle relaxation.

In addition, don't the physical therapists take the heat pad away when it starts to lose its temperature?

So, the question arises... How do I prevent the skin of my body from drying out while taking a hot Epsom salt bath?

And, I realized that my fondness in product testing might have spared me from turning into an alligator today...

At home, I sometimes would add a bit of the Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil by Bodyshop to my Epsom salt foot bath.

Just so that you know... yours truly is a real cheapskate from hell who purchase things only at really deep discount to stretch my money.  Since L'Occitane hardly have discounts and they don't give out samples for you to try it out without purchase, I haven't had many chance to use their products-- in addition, apparently, you don't get the samples either if you get only trial size products.

At my friend's place, she has both the Peony shower cream and the Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel by L'Occitane.

Personally, I prefer the Peonyshower cream one over the Cherry Blossom bath and shower gel at this point.

Why?  Might have something to do with the fact that I happened to use the Cherry Blossom bath and shower gel on the days when I was not feeling too well and the upset stomach of mine was making me feel nauseous all the time. Thereafter, my head somehow associate the shower gel with da nauseous feeling... 8-O lol

The one I used tonight is the Peony Shower Cream.... added it both to the bath and used it in the shower after the bath...

How does it feel?  Can't quite tell you whether I smell like Peony and neither can I tell you what it really does for me.  One thing I can tell you is that, when touching the skin on my arms and legs, it does feel that my skin is fairly soft and nothing alligator-like-- without the contribution of body moisturizer.

On a second thought, it seems like all that I might need is some kind of body moisturizer after a hot Epsom salt bath? 8-O lol

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