Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vitello Tonnato

Tried quite a few new Italian dishes nowadays cooked by my friend with a broken foot...

Vitello Tonnato is one of the specialty dish she cooked for my mom and I.

Essentially, Vitello Tonnato is veal with tuna sauce.

To prepare this dish, my friend cooked the veal she got from Freshdirect and cooked it with all different kinds of vegetables and herbs for over an hour or so at low heat.

The funnest story about the veal she got was that it was already sliced into pieces-- wrapped in paper to keep them seperate.  It was not until when all was ready did she realize that... oops... the meat was still frozen, which makes it difficult to take the paper out.  So, we simply cooking all things together... with the wrapping paper.  8-O lol

Regarding the sauce, I think she mixed two cans of tuna, mayo and capers together to make the sauce.

My mom cut the baby carrots and cornichon pickles (Italian baby pickles) in half to serve as decoration.

 What you see in the left is a picture of of the completed dish... veal covered with tuna sauce decorated with carrots, pickles, and capers.

Looking good and tasting nice!

Both my mom and I think that my friend with a broken leg should go with us to open an Italian restaurant in Taipei.  lol

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