Monday, June 20, 2011

Road Runner Broadband for 29.99 (No contract)

It all started from my pursuit to get the issue of skype video disconnecting all the time... and that was when I realized that the aka high speed Internet connection I use affords me no more than the download speed of 1.5 mbps and .25 mbps for upload...

Ouch... all of a sudden, I fell back to the dark age.... What kinda fiber were my packets traveling on?

Since I was already dealing with the Time Warner people, I decided to clean up the whole mess with all my Timewarner account...essentially spending hours straightening out the username and password issues for payexpress and my services.

I don't know why... just felt like it...

Then, when I finally was able to get into my services, I went to check on the other options I might have for higher speed Internet.

After getting back to NYC, I needed to have Timewarner service reactivated because I was gone for about 10 months.  The customer representative, then, signed me on for the Road Runner Basic, which costs me 33.95 per month, taxes and fees not included.

Strangely, when looking at the upgrade options, I found Road Runner Broadband, which could go as fast as 10 mbps when downloading data, to be at the cheaper price of 29.99.

33.95 for the speed of 1.5 mbps while 29.99 for that of 10 mbps?

After chatting with the customer representative online to make sure that I would be paying 29.99 rather than 33.95+29.99, I had the order submitted.

The best thing about this offer... there is no annual contract... and, thus, no penalty fees of any kind shall I have it cancelled in 2-3 months! Sweet!

The moral of the lesson, it won't hurt for you to log in to "my services" once in a while shall Timewarner provide services in your neighborhood and shall you existing service be more expensive yet slower than 10 mpbs downloading speed.

And, apparently, the offer is limited time only and is dependent on your geographical location as well.

Good luck!

Update on 6/21/2011 8:10 PM: Been talking to customer representatives at Timerwarner because they seem to have some problem getting their system info fixed so that I can finally upgrade to broadband... 8-O lol

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