Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sleepy time

As I am getting ready to go to sleep, I thought of all the tricks I have tried out during the time when one of my biggest night terror was the inability to fall asleep...

The problem with all of the sleeping aids I have tested out so far is that-- voila... some works while others don't. At the same time, the ones that work might help out for a while and, all of a sudden, its effect ceases to exist.

Among them all, the Night Health bedtime balm by Origins seemed to have done a fairly good and consistent job in helping me "out".  All that I had to do is to put a dash of it on my temples and, most of the times, my head would be ready to shutdown in a matter of split seconds.

Can't quite tell you whether it would still do miracle for me today since I haven't used it for a while.

Yet, for those of you who would go to distance to get that sleep you want without turning and tossing for hours in bed, or, without using sleeping pills, this might be something to consider about.

An alternative to the night balm is the Bedtime Face Cream, which also has the Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin essential oils as the key relaxation ingredient.

Yet, personally, it doesn't seem to be as potent as the night balm if the sole concern is whether you can fall asleep or not.

Both products are, from your cheapskate's perspective, a bit on the pricey end, 25 dollars a piece for the night balm.  At the same time, just because it worked for me doesn't mean that it works for me now and neither does it mean it will work for you either.

The good thing is that, they do give out small take-home samples so that you can see for yourself whether either one works for you or not.

Wish you a good night sleep!

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