Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Runner Broadband again

The lady I spoke with finally was able to get my order completed although, in my account, it is still showing that the current services I am subscribing to is the basic plan.

So I chatted with an agent online while back keeping my friend with a broken foot some company-- so I was informed... yes, the order is completed; yet, unfortunately, "there is an outage of service in your area...."

So I replied, "Thank God that I am not home."

OMG... the consequences of my finally upgrading to broadband--- service outage? 8-O lol

Gotta say though, the 29.99 /mo without contract offer is still valid in my area and I could still view it in My Services... though not sure whether it might be available in your neighborhood... not to mention whether you would have to go through the same grief I have to go through these past few days with a simple pursuit of wanting to switch to Road Runner Broadband.

BTW, though the customer representatives told me that the order has been completed and my services have been upgraded.  As you can tell in the screenshots I am providing with you now... apparently not in the online records.

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