Friday, June 3, 2011

Online grocery shopping in NYC

Yours pretty disabled came to look after this friend of mine who had a foot operation last week.  It sort of makes her place the House of Pains if not the House of Disabilities. 8-O lol

Since I can't carry weight and walks far worse than ordinary grandmas and grandpas, we have been getting groceries through fresh direct... something I have done only once before when freshdirect just came out and had that 50-dollar free grocery deal years back...

An interesting question came up in the conversation today.... inspired by my trip to the A&P supermarket down the hill from the House of Pains in Skyview overlooking the Hudson... 

Which of the stores offer online grocery shopping and how much do they charge you-- provided they deliver to Riverdale, NY?

Took me some hard-core efforts to get the following info compiled..

Company Delivery+service charges minimum charges 5.79-6.79 30 dollars
A&P 10.99-5.99 10.99 for 99 dollars and above
Shop Rite 16.95-6.95 6.95 if order over 100 dollars
D'Agostino 9.99-6.99 6.99 if order over 50 dollars

Based on the info provided above, if the delivery-associated charges are the only concern, surely seems to give you the best offer.  Though comparison shoppers might have to do their own research on the price of merchandises themselves.

Interestingly, some other supermarkets that I am familiar with don't even provide the online grocery shopping option, including...

  1. Westside Market
  2. Wholefoods
  3. Trader Joe's
  4. Fairway
  5. C Town
Hope the info is useful somehow.

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