Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Runner Broaderband finally up!

One thing I did after I got home today was to check out the speed of my internet connection.

Still... the speed limit is within the range of Road Runner basic.

So, yours moving really slow decided to call up Timewarner again.

Oops, apparently, the order to upgrade to Road Runner Broadband was still not completed today.

The representative asked me to wait till tomorrow so that he could gather the information to send the case forth to its supervisor.

This time I asked, "Can I please speak with your supervisor directly because I have been calling back 4-5 days in a roll and it seems like the order just can not get completed."

So he did eventually got his supervisor on the phone.

As I was explaining the entire situation to him, he also went over my history and found it sort of bizzard how one would go through such hassles simply wanting to have a service upgrade.

It took him less than a minute to get the order issue resolved and he even added some more speed to my account to compensate for the, I guess, inconveniences.

I restarted the cable modem and the computer....

I tested the speed... and...


Packets running and running around!

Slow as I am, my packets goes faster than 89% of US! 8-O lol

Though nothing comparable to the connection speed through Internet 2...

From a residential point of view, Lord, this round, I am really coming out of the dark!

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