Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer

During the week and half when I came to stay with this friend of mine with a broken foot, all that I used for my face was Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer....

After the first day or two, I started having the feeling that--- something seems to be happening to my skin... sort of getting both softer and brighter, maybe?

Then, after I got back into town, a lot of people who haven't seen me for almost a year said to me...

"You look much younger!"

My reply has been, "Well, I have been using Kiehl's for the past week or two... I think that might be the reason why."

While there is no telling whether there is anything genuine in people's comments, I did have the feeling that I was looking much younger.... somehow... when I looked into the mirror the first time after I got back to my apartment.

If you ask me... is it really the doing of Kiehl's?

Could be or might also be that....

I was indoors for the majority of the day during that period and could simply due to the reduced exposure to the sun, radiation, etc, in the outdoor environment.

Yet, regardless, I like it... because it is light and seems to do a great job keeping the skin moisturized even after a night's sleep in an air-conditioned environment.

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